Welcome To Al Sabih Trading Co.

Who We Are

Al Sabih is a Kuwait based food and drinks distributor offering a wide variety of specialist products. Our diverse selection of ranges of foods and drinks allow us to cater for all types of businesses from brand names to continental products. Al Sabih guarantees their total commitment to excellent service and recognizes the customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on offering a professional delivery service trying to work around your business. Our professional telesales team is always on hand to answer any of your queries.

Al Sabih Trading is looking forward to building a long-term relationship with a valued customer. We support our customers in developing their business and maximizing their satisfaction in closing deals with us. Our dedicated professional management and workforce team provide a variety of products as per customers changing needs.

We are always striving to go forward and improve and are always willing to listen to views.

Our Mission

To become one of the leading suppliers in all Gulf countries for many food items in high-quality standards.

It is our mission to ensure the continued success of our customers, employees and communities by supplying innovative food ingredient solutions that offer exceptional value.

To provide the consumers a high-quality ionized alkaline water, Our partners who are a group of scientist and major manufacturers of ionizing water who are pioneers in water treatment and ionization treatment around the world.

To provide community service throughout the country with our high quality products of innovative products that are designed to meet the quality standards

Our Vision

“Innovating together to improve health through food.”

Our ultimate goal is to raise and improve the quality of life and to maintain a very valuable resource that is one of our main goals.

We recognize that the quality of food is one of the problems facing us today and therefore our company hopes to be able to fill this gap by providing quality products to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers.

Our innovative products are the result of years of testing Western scientists and have gained international recognition as highly designed, effective and effective products. We pride ourselves on offering our customers products that meet their needs of effective products at affordable prices